Sica Media is a Brisbane based commercial photography & videography team that produces high quality visual content to help brands connect with their audience. We take the time to get to know your brand’s message, aesthetic and direction so that we can work collaboratively with you to create powerful and impactful imagery.

Branding & Lifestyle

Capturing what your brand is all about! We bring the mood, essence and missions to the front line so that your audience can get a sense of who you are straight away.


From creative concepts through to catalogue imagery, we create realistic and true-to-form content that encapsulates your product.


Creative portraiture to capture your team’s personalities and dynamics whilst putting you at ease in front of the camera.

Residential Spaces

We take a relaxed and minimal approach whilst adding a touch of human element to highlight design features and showcase the liveability of residential spaces.


Engaging videos that further enable you to connect with your audience, whilst matching seamlessly with accompanying still images.

Commercial Spaces

We create inviting imagery that invites your audience to walk through your door, while highlighting the features that further echo your brand identity.

Elevate your brand through engaging photos & Videos


In order for your brand to engage with its audience and stay relevant online, it’s essential to have both motion and stills showcasing your business to the world. That’s why we have combined them together to create the perfect pair, where the same level of quality, aesthetic and visual language seamlessly blend together. By personalising our concepts and processes to match your unique aesthetic and voice, we become an extension of your team and create visual content that is true to your brand.



We take the time to understand your brand and how to best showcase it to the world.

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