We create engaging videos that further enable you to connect with your audience, whilst being at the forefront of social media algorithms. We put effort into prepping for a video shoot by story boarding, securing the right locations and talent. High quality audio capture and music licensing are just some of the features that elevate our videos to the next professional level.

Sica Media

This showreel features some of the recent work we have created, highlighting a range of different video techniques from time-lapse motion to drone footage.

Activ Performance Wear

A short teaser video to show Activ’s new workout clothing range in action! We filmed crossfit coach Anna doing a gruelling workout while wearing the clothing, showing how it reacts under pressure, while the music selection and quick cuts gave it a motivational and upbeat feel.

Elements Yoga Studio

With Elements having to close their yoga studio in the wake of Covid-19 shutdowns, they pivoted their in-person classes to an online app. We created this conceptual video to show that through a person’s yoga experience, they can be transported to anywhere that they like within their practice.

Tsonga SS22 Campaign

COLOUR! That was our theme and what we wanted to showcase. After creating the set from meters of frabric on our own over head rig, we allowed our subjects to embrace the energy that comes from being Colourful. 

Chef Tony Tierney

Tony is a private chef that creates intimate dinner experiences and wanted a promo video that showcases how he fits into an evening while highlighting his gourmet ingredients and dishes his clients can expect on his arrival.   

Greencoast Building Design

When Greencoast launched their new business rebrand, it was important to capture their new voice and brand mission in a short and sharp video. Through Aaron’s voice over and supporting B-roll footage, we clearly got Greencoast’s message across while showing their new aesthetic.

Better Brand

This conceptual video captures the feel and aesthetic of Better Brand and the launch of a new range of products. We took care of the logistics of the campaign, such as location and talent scouting and concept development and storyboarding to make sure everything came together smoothly.

Army of Grapes

The aim of this video was to put a fun spin on a typical product video that highlights the quirky new branding. We hand made the sets ourselves, and drew inspiration for the shapes and colours from the label.

GEO Sim Technologies

The AT802 is often referred to as the “Air Tractor”. Designed for multiple uses, GEO Sim has produced a simulator that can be adaptable for any flight style and case study. Implementing their fully immersive domes, their simulators create ideal learning situations for pilots of all skill sets and training levels

SMN Accountants

30 yrs in business is a huge achievement for any industry! To celebrate this achievement, Shauna and her team, wanted to celebrate this milestone with a client testimonial to acknowledge the importance of nurturing a client relationship. We undertook 3 client testimonials in the SMN lobby over the course of a single day with one guiding question – “what does 30yrs of buisness mean to you”