What we do

Creative photography & videography for all elements of your brand.

We custom make our packages based on your visual needs. 

Commercial & Residential Spaces

We use the latest equipment and technical methods to capture spaces true to their size and appearance. We scout beforehand to determine the best time of day for natural light to bring the space to life.


We create concepts that allow the setting to further amplify the appearance and function of products. We build our own sets and use quality studio lighting so that each product shoot is unique.


We pay close attention to the details that take a branding and portrait session to the next level! We find the perfect location (or utilise the space well in an existing location) and take time to perfect the props and clothing choices.


We put effort into prepping for a video shoot by story boarding and securing the right locations. High quality audio capture and music licensing are just some of the features that elevate our videos to the next professional level.

Why Add Videography?

Video is the leading method to reach and engage with your audience online, and it’s a critical part to building a brand’s presence. It helps convey your message clearly, quickly and emotively, and the right storyline can stop someone in their tracks.

Talking pieces help build a connection and relationship with your viewers, so that they can authentically get to know the faces the brand. 

We provide a holistic approach to your content by capturing stills & video side by side, ensuring that your visual language is consistent. Get in touch to see how we can level up your presence by adding video to your next shoot.


How we do it

Concept Development

It’s crucial that we take the time to get to know your business and your visual needs. From this, we can collaborate to build a creative brief, visual language and storyline that clearly depict your messages. We also spend time organising logistics such as talent, set design, clothing and locations. 

Image Capture

This is where the magic happens! We turn our written ideas into tangible imagery using high quality equipment and techniques. We create a fun and relaxed atmosphere so that you feel comfortable being your natural and authentic self in front of the camera. 

Post Processing

This is where all of the elements come together! We polish and finalise the look by editing all photo & video content, and by adding any finishing touches such as logos and sound design. We then hand over the content, and its all yours to use to elevate your business!

Packages & Quotes

As we work with such a variety of business types and brands, we quote each project individually to include all of the unique elements. Once we have some of the finer details from you and an idea of your desired outcome, we are able to provide you with a custom quote. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving a quote, and let’s chat further!

"Sica Media have been integral in developing our business brand and capturing the vision and images that allow us to bring our business to life. Sid and Callena made the entire process a breeze and we absolutely love the results and images they have delivered every time - they make all the difference for our business. Can not recommend Sica more highly!"

Jen MacMillan – Gathering Events

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Stephanie Rawson

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Tyler Shaw